Water at the Forefront of New Climate Change Paradigm

“Climate change has ushered in a ‘new normal’ that includes extreme weather events, sea level rise and water shortages,” says Dr. Mark Dunning, President of the American Water Resources Association, in a just released interview with Rebecca R. Rubin, President and CEO of Marstel-Day.

As part of Marstel-Day’s ongoing series, Vital Voices of the Environment with Rebecca R. Rubin, Dr. Dunning explains how climate change has created daunting challenges in the way in which water resources are managed.

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“Clean and plentiful water is one of our most critical and most imperiled natural resources, serving as the lifeblood for both people and wildlife,” said Rubin. “Climate change has confronted us with an unprecedented array of water resource threats that will affect everything from what we eat to where we live.”
A distinguished voice in the water resources community, Mark Dunning has more than 30 years of experience with the Army Corps of Engineers, where he served as Chief of Future Directions in the Civil Works Directorate. There, he led development and implementation of the agency’s civil works strategic plan, that first established integrated resource management (IWRM) as an agency priority.

Dunning today serves as President of the American Water Resources Association, an organization dedicated to the advancement of water resources management, research and education.
In the interview, Dunning describes the central water resources challenges he anticipates for the future, and explains how IWRM is a critical part of addressing these threats.
Marstel-Day’s Vital Voices of the Environment with Rebecca R. Rubin series spotlights critical thinkers, each of whom offers unique insight on the key issues we face now and for the environmental future of our planet.

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