Sustainability Takes Center Stage with Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond with Marstel-Day President and CEO Rebecca R. Rubin

Rich Redmond with Marstel-Day President and CEO Rebecca R. Rubin

“Everyone can take steps towards helping the environment; playing musical instruments that are manufactured with a green philosophy is my way of contributing to the cause,” said Rich Redmond, renowned touring and session drummer in a just-released interview with Marstel-Day President and CEO Rebecca R. Rubin.

As part of Marstel-Day’s ongoing series, Vital Voices of the Environment with Rebecca R. Rubin, Redmond discusses how he intentionally uses drums, sticks and cymbals made from the most sustainable materials in the most environmentally-friendly ways.

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“By making a conscious choice to source sustainable materials for his drum kit and by speaking out, Rich Redmond exemplifies the difference high-powered performers can make for the environment,” said Rebecca R. Rubin, President and CEO of Marstel-Day.

Rubin interviewed Redmond, a drummer, percussionist, producer and speaker, at the House of Blues in Nashville. Voted Best Country Drummer in DRUM magazine, Redmond has played on 16 #1 hits and multiple platinum records, and performs with country music star, Jason Aldean, in front of hundreds of thousands people each year.

In the interview, Redmond describes his own sustainability philosophy and the sustainability practices of his sponsors, Drum Workshop (DW), Sabian, ProMark, and REMO. As one of the leading drumset manufactures in the world, DW has developed the Eco-X series which features sustainable woods and are created using low timbre timber as in trees or timbre as in sound shell technology. ProMark has instituted a tree planting cost share program administered by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry which provides an avenue for the planting of five trees for every one the company consumes on an annual basis while producing drumsticks. In addition to recycling used cymbals, Sabian’s factory conserves energy by using the heat from their cymbal ovens to heat the company’s buildings during the long Canadian winters. REMO’s highly innovative Acousticon® drumheads are made with 100% recycled wood fibers.

Marstel-Day’s Vital Voices of the Environment with Rebecca R. Rubin series spotlights critical thinkers from a wide variety of fields including arts and entertainment, each of whom offers unique insight on the key issues we face now and for the environmental future of our planet.