Nicky WIlson


Nicky Wilson is an Electrical Engineering Consultant for Marstel-Day. His responsibilities include updating and verifying electrical system mapping by assessing equipment (location, size/capacity, manufacturer, age/remaining life of equipment) and providing reports that illustrate usage and a reliability study of existing electrical infrastructure.

Mr. Wilson's experience in the Electrical field dates back to 2002. He is a licensed Electrical Contractor and Certified Journeyman Electrician. He studied Electrical Craft Training at Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. and graduated as Student of the Year in 2007 as well as Electronic Engineering at Orange Coast College. The primary focus of Nicky's career has been with the installation of Energy Management Systems to provide climate protection, resource conservation, cost savings and rebates. These systems have included HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) and lighting. Nicky is a Title 24 Certified CALCTP (California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program) Acceptance Test Employer and Technician.