Ken Roy

GIS Technician

Mr. Roy has been a GIS technician at Marstel-Day LLC since 2014, performing geospatial analyses and generating map products and data deliverables for our clients, including the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Army, and private sector clients. Having been involved in most projects that require mapping since he joined Marstel-Day, he has a vast experience performing many types of analyses, including predictive analysis, cultural resource mapping, compatible land use studies, invasive species surveys, contamination plume modelling, and more. In addition, Mr. Roy helps to prepare databases and deliverables up to IT standards, primarily utilizing current Spatial Data Standards for Facilities Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE) guidance. He also manages the technical aspects of our field surveying, creating custom schema and services on Collector and ArcPad and preparing our sub-meter accuracy GPS units for use.

Having a fondness for conservation, Mr. Roy has been a park ranger for Colorado State Parks and has volunteered with the Washington Conservation Corps , maintaining a native plant nursery and planting riparian buffers and rain gardens. Beyond his work experience, Mr. Roy has a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in Forest Resources and Conservation, with a focus on Recreational Resource Management, and a GIS certification from the University of Denver.