Jackie Poveromo

Archaeological Crew Chief

Jackie Poveromo serves as an archaeological crew chief at Marstel-Day supporting the Cultural Resource Team. She has more than a decade of archaeological field experience, with nine years of cultural resource management service experience. Ms. Poveromo has conducted and participated in archaeological/history surveys and research for various federal and state agencies under Section 106 and 110 of the NHPA and NEPA. She has worked on sustainable energy projects, compliance projects, and National Park Historical Preservation projects along the east coast and parts of the Midwest. Her work has included small- and large-scale reconnaissance surveys, investigations of cultural landscapes, and environmental assessments, and monitoring potentially historical sites. She has supervised excavations of over 20 projects and has participated in a few dozen more. In previous years Ms. Poveromo has conducted not only archaeological excavations in the United States but in the Middle East, Turkey, as well as led estate archivals for prominent deceased members of society. She has created databases of cultural materials after conducting thorough assessments, processing, and conservation, of said items. Additionally, she has created multiple museum exhibits in Cortland, New York.

Ms. Poveromo has a BA in Anthropology, and World Archaeology with a minor in art history. She graduated with a MA from Claremont Graduate University in Religious Archaeology with a concentration in Coptic. Recently Ms. Poveromo has been inducted into the Register of Professional Archaeologists.