Tanya Perry

Environmental Planning

Ms. Perry manages the NEPA Program at Marstel-Day. She has 18 years of experience preparing documents for all branches of the military, non-DOD federal agencies, and civilian clients. Ms. Perry has led projects related to new infrastructure, increased aircraft operations, changes in flight training, seawall repair, implementation of master plans and integrated natural resources management plans, bridge replacement, highway realignments, homeporting of ships, and projects with cultural resources concerns. She developed criteria to establish new compatible use zones and their associated land use compatibility; managed an Installation Compatible Encroachment Management Action Plan that identified encroachment challenges and provided recommendations at a military installation. She has updated NEPA Manuals and guidelines for DOD and state clients.

Ms. Perry provides technical expertise in noise analysis, noise studies, and encroachment planning services across Marstel-Day’s client base. Through air installation compatible use zone studies and noise studies, she has analyzed land use compatibility within noise contours and safety areas to prevent encroachment adjacent to military installations. Ms. Perry has experience completing aircraft noise analyses for military bases, commercial airports, heliports, general aviation airports, and military airspace. She has assessed noise impacts from small- and large-arms firing ranges, sonic booms, and construction equipment.

Ms. Perry has a BS in environmental science from the University of Rochester in New York and a BA in communications from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has completed training programs for the Integrated Noise Model and the Military Noise Analysis/NOISEMAP Software Program, and completed an Environmental Noise, Measurement, Modeling, and Evaluation Seminar.