Madison Freiberger

Landscape Designer

Mrs. Freiberger is a Landscape Designer at Marstel-Day, LLC, where she provides support for ecosystem restoration and conservation projects under development for the Department of Defense. This work includes analyses, site design, and planning documents for habitat restoration and shoreline resilience projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Before joining the team at Marstel-Day, Mrs. Freiberger worked as a landscape designer developing urban design and recreation planning solutions for state and local governments and nonprofit organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. She also contributed to public outreach efforts by participating in design charrettes and community meetings during this time.

Mrs. Freiberger received a BLA in Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University in 2021. She was selected as Penn State’s Olmsted Scholar for the 2021 academic year for her work studying the impacts of surface mining and ecological restoration on nearby communities, which continues to influence her professional interests and design thinking to this day.