Vanessa Fields

Senior Analyst

Ms. Fields has 22 years of experience working in the field of natural resource management, wildlife biology and environmental planning. Prior to working with Marstel-Day, Ms. Fields worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a wildlife biologist specializing in environmental planning for refuge management and land acquisition. She has led many complex planning projects including the 15-year management plan for the National Bison Range in Montana and invasive species management in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. She has also completed several planning projects to protect millions of acres of land for conservation in the central plains and intermountain west. In addition, Ms. Fields has experience developing integrated pest management plans, refuge hunting and fishing plans and inventory and monitoring plans. Ms. Fields technical expertise incudes biological monitoring; avian ecology; management of wetlands, invasive species, and native prairie; and strategic habitat conservation. She also has experience applying federal environmental laws including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Migratory Bird Treaty Act to natural resource management and planning. Ms. Fields also specializes in engaging diverse stakeholder groups and providing facilitation to resolve complex natural resources issues.

At Marstel-Day, Ms. Fields is a Senior Analyst. She provides project management and support to conservation and environmental planning. This includes all aspects of applying NEPA to natural resource projects such as background research, impact analysis, writing and editing. In particular, she has expertise in assessing the impacts of natural resource management activities on wetlands, grasslands, birds and endangered species as well as the impacts of land conservation on natural resources. Ms. Fields also serves as a facilitator for teams within an organization as well as across multiple stakeholder groups.

Ms. Fields holds a BS in Biology, with an emphasis in ecology, evolution and behavior, from the University of California at Los Angeles. She earned an MS in Biology from Colorado State University.