Rich A. Engel

Senior Land Use Manager

As Marstel-Day's Senior Real Estate and Land Use Advisor, Mr. Engel develops agency-wide and regional real estate acquisition, conservation partnering, and compatible land use plans and ecosystem services projects. His work includes providing long-term program management support to agency headquarters and regional offices, crafting comprehensive real estate and natural resources conservation policies, developing program implementation strategies, creating multi-stakeholder water source protection and supply plans, and establishing regional markets for ecosystem services payments.

Mr. Engel’s work has included developing conservation and military-compatible land use strategies for the 2012 North Carolina Land Compatibility Task Force, contributing to the 2011 Army Water Security Study prepared for the Army Environmental Policy Institute, and creating the ‘Eastern North Carolina Land Use Strategy’ for Marine Corps Installations East, for which Marstel-Day received the 2009 American Planning Association award for ‘Outstanding Collaborative Federal Planning Project’. Mr. Engel designs integrated real estate acquisition and conservation partnering strategies for Headquarters Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. He is a pioneer in establishing ecosystem services markets to support landscape-scale conservation goals and military-compatible land uses. He is a frequent speaker at ecosystem services conferences and he works closely with public agencies and private conservation organizations to support carbon offset credit programs for forests, coastal wetlands, and agricultural lands.

Mr. Engel has provided on-site support to the General Services Administration Office of Property Utilization and to the Program Analysis and Evaluation Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He is the author of a NOAA program managers’ guide, a Marine Corps encroachment partnering guide, the Navy encroachment management guide, and more than 20 GSA environmental policy documents.

Mr. Engel came to Marstel-Day after 30 years of real estate, natural resources, base closure, housing privatization, and environmental management experience with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Headquarters Marine Corps, the Department of Energy, and the Defense Information Systems Agency. He retired as the Head of NAVFAC’s Real Estate Base Closure and Land Use Support Section, where he led development of Navy’s conservation conveyance and encroachment partnering programs and created the first federal Web-based, GIS-based information management system for environmental land use controls.

Mr. Engel implemented the Marine Corps’ housing privatization program and managed a $150M annual budget. As real estate and natural resources director for NAVFAC’s Chesapeake Division, he executed more than $300 million in real estate contracts, developed the Navy’s environmental site selection process, and managed shoreline and habitat restoration projects for Navy land on Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Engel led DISA’s Northern Virginia facilities consolidation project and created the agency’s environmental compliance program.

Mr. Engel has 20 years of volunteer experience in Arlington County, VA, in planning, zoning, community development, and revitalization programs. He has a BS in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Public Administration from American University, and certification as a Housing Development Finance Professional from the National Development Council.