Sean Donahoe, PhD

President and CEO

Dr. Donahoe is the President and CEO of Marstel-Day, LLC, an international environmental consulting firm established in 2002. He has been with Marstel-Day since 2004 and has over 30 years of experience in the environmental consulting business, including business development. He has managed over 30 multi-year IDIQ environmental contracts supporting all services of the military involving over 200 military installations worldwide, as well as contracts supporting other Federal, state, and local agencies. He has managed over 500 environmental studies worldwide, principally pertaining to environmental planning and conservation (NEPA, natural resources, cultural resources, and water resources), ecosystem restoration (stream and wetlands restoration, Civil Works Sections 206 and 1135, forest habitat restoration and sustainability), biological surveys (invasives, threatened and endangered species, flora and fauna, and vegetative communities), hazardous waste investigations, and risk assessment. Dr. Donahoe has strong technical skills in executing complex environmental planning studies and modeling projects and has published in peer-reviewed international journals on forestry and landscape conservation. He also supported research on Sustainable Forest Management for the National Science Foundation that would generate $5B in ecosystem services for forest systems. He has supported NEPA guidance development and analyzed the effects of a wide range of federal actions including military training (BRAC, transformation, military training, weapons fielding, aircraft beddowns, airspace reconfiguration, land acquisition, restationing, range construction, and MILCON), forest management, energy projects, facility development, port development, transportation, recreation, natural resource management, permits, and civil works. Over his environmental consulting career he has supported numerous Federal agencies including all services of the military, most Corps Districts, Agriculture (Forest Service, APHIS), Interior (Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Park Service), Environmental Protection Agency (HQ and all 10 Regions), Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, Education, Justice, State, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, the White House, and the U.S. Congress. In addition, he has managed high-profile environmental policy and technical studies in support of the White House and Congress, as well as provided litigation support to the Department of Justice and private law firms.

Dr. Donahoe has a BS double major in mathematics and biology from Fairmont State University, where he graduated summa cum laude. He holds an MS degree in biology with an emphasis in statistics and forest ecology from West Virginia University, where he developed multivariate statistical models of forest ecosystems. Dr. Donahoe earned his PhD in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason University, where he applied micro-scale agent-based modeling and multivariate statistics to simulate ecosystem metrics under alternative landscape management and policy regimes for improving forest conservation, species protection, climate resiliency, carbon sequestration, and forest sustainability.