John Cannon, GISP

Conservation Services

Mr. Cannon provides leadership for conservation services, serves as a project manager for Marstel-Day’s Landscape Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration programs, and supports our Sustainable Planning and Environmental Planning programs.

He is an experienced project manager and GIS professional with over 17 years of experience in natural resources management, field ecology, ecosystem restoration, conservation planning, and GIS analysis. Mr. Cannon joined the Marstel-Day team in 2014. As a project manager, he manages project teams, client relationships, and project execution and delivery, ensuring adherence to the scope of work, workplan, schedule, and successful project outcomes. During his time with Marstel-Day, Mr. Cannon has led 80+ natural resources management projects, including coastal resilience and shoreline restoration, climate adaptation planning, prescribed fire management, invasive plant species surveys and control, pollinator habitat restoration and conservation plans, forest inventories and forest management plans, avian surveys, bat acoustic and mist net surveys, insect surveys, herpetofauna surveys, wetland delineations, and the creation of interpretive signage.

He has helped to restore pollinator-beneficial habitat by assessing and restoring soil conditions, controlling invasive plant species, planting native pollinator-friendly plant species, conducting post-planting assessments, and taking adaptive management action to ensure the success of restoration projects. He has presented on his work developing a Pollinator Habitat Conservation Plan for NSF Dahlgren in Dahlgren, VA at the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association (NMFWA) annual conference. Mr. Cannon has also provided environmental policy support to the U.S. Marine Corps; organizational and facilitation support services for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Strategic Habitat Conservation program; and research, writing, and policy support for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) projects.

Prior to joining Marstel-Day, Mr. Cannon worked as a GIS analyst with the National Audubon Society in Alaska and the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy where he focused on habitat and species distribution modeling. Mr. Cannon was previously an ORISE Fellow with the Army Environmental Command, working with nonprofit environmental organizations like The Nature Conservancy to conduct large-scale ecosystem restoration on the lands surrounding Fort Liberty and Camp Mackall.

Mr. Cannon earned a BS in biology and environmental science from the College of William and Mary and a MEnvMgt from Duke University. While at Duke University, he earned certificates in geospatial analysis and nonprofit management, and has GIS Professional certification (GISP) from the GIS Certification Institute. He currently serves on the membership committee of the Society for Conservation GIS.