Services and Products under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold

Marstel-Day, LLC

DUNS#: 038090390
CAGE#: 1WA73
OASIS: 47QRAD20D1089
NIchole Ferguson
Nichole Ferguson
PH: (571) 733-0974
  • Tailored Environmental Studies and/or Analytical reports
    • Climate Risk / Adaptation Analysis
    • Compatible Land Use Strategies
    • Renewable Energy Siting, Planning and Permitting
    • Coastal Risk Analysis
    • Coastal Adaptation and Resilience Planning
    • Natural Resource, Water Resources and Cultural Resource Studies
    • NEPA and Support Studies
  • Environmental Gaming and Scenario Planning
  • Monthly Media Monitoring / Analysis subscription service
  • Stakeholder identification and management service
    • Public Outreach Materials
  • Facilitation Support Services
  • GIS mapping services
    • Spatial Analysis
    • 3-D Visualization
  • Environmental App Development