Rebecca R. Rubin on the “Art of Despair” and How It Can Save Nature

Fredericksburg, VA – Marstel-Day President and CEO Rebecca R. Rubin gave the talk “The Art of Despair” at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg Feb. 22, explaining the importance of despair and how it can save nature.

“Let’s talk about why despair used correctly is an art and not a cop out. Because with despair often comes recognition of truth – however bleak that truth may be. The owning of a problem that we have collectively created.  We can’t solve ‘the nature problem’ without absorbing and embracing its full extent. Optimism feels good but can sometimes cause us to gallivant towards superficial solutions rather than face a painful truth. Optimism is sometimes unwarranted.”

“…If we could open our minds to embrace both the beauty of nature and the horror of what we have done to it, where would that awareness take us?” Rubin asked.