Rebecca R. Rubin – The Woods Within

Excerpt from “Rebecca R. Rubin – The Woods Within By Gordon J. Bernhardt”

In Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, you’ll find a hundred-acre undeveloped, untouched woods owned by the Village of Hastings. Rebecca Rubin was nine months old when her family moved from the Bronx to a house on Edgewood Avenue just across the street from this sanctuary of wildness, which seemed to the young girl to stretch for thousands of acres. Under the shelter of those trees, she found a sense of freedom and empowerment that came to define her inner self as much as it defined the world around her. She walked to school through the woods, played there with friends, and explored independently, setting off in the morning with her knapsack for a day of adventure. And in these pursuits, the young girl was also undertaking a cartographic exercise of far greater magnitude, mapping the terrain of her own character and values.

Now the founder, President, and CEO of Marstel-Day, an environmental consulting firm and conservation think tank, Rebecca has dedicated her career to combating elements of loss, destruction, and degradation in the natural world. And in this work, she brings the same affinity and wonder she felt as a child  …

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