Rebecca R. Rubin Named as One of the “Top 25 People to Watch” by Virginia Business Magazine

March 08, 2011 — Rebecca R. Rubin, President and Managing Partner of MARSTEL-DAY, LLC, an environmental and conservation consulting firm based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has been named by the writers of Virginia Business Magazine as one of the “Top 25 People to Watch” among emerging Virginia business leaders. The prestigious list of emerging business leaders include women and men from several well known and entrenched businesses, including Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrup Grumman, Rolls-Royce North America, Hilton Worldwide, as well as those entrepreneurial faces running a number of emerging and innovative companies like Marstel-Day. The Magazine noted that Rubin had founded the company in 2002 and that the company had won many awards since its founding.

In response to the Magazine’s question of what she saw as the biggest trend that will drive business over the next 25 years, Rubin stated: “Climate adaptation is obviously going to be huge, but more specifically, there will be a focus on ecosystem services, or understanding and tapping into the collective benefits that humans derive from natural resources and processes that occur in the ecosystem, including many essential economic and social goods such as purification of air, filtration of water and flood control. Human activities are impairing ecosystem services on a large scale, as societies tend to disregard the benefits that ecosystems provide as well as grossly underestimate our enormous dependence on nature. That imbalance now needs to be corrected, and environmental consulting firms are going to have a major role to play in providing not just the thought leadership but also the engagement strategies to make that happen.”

The article can be found in the March, 2011 Virginia Business “Special Silver Anniversary Issue” that is intended as both a celebration of Virginia Business’ 25 year history as a leading source of Virginia business information, and a celebration of the “Past, Present, and Future” of Virginia business. The article can also be found in a more expanded version at .

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