Terry Hansen

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Terry Hansen works primarily in support of the Marine Corps project to create sufficient range lands and airspace to support sustained, combined-arms, live-fire maneuver training for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

After he retired from the Air Force, Terry started his second career as a range and airspace manager.  Terry worked as the airspace manager and Native American liaison for the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke AFB.  His responsibilities at the 56th ranged from day to day interaction with the FAA and with local flying groups.  Terry represented the wing at city, county, and state meetings regarding encroachment and other issues that could impact the mission.  He established airspace working groups within the state to address airspace issues impacting the DoD and general aviation.  He helped to establish the Arizona Commanders Summit (ACS), which is a bi-annual meeting of all the commanders  in the state. The ACS addresses encroachment and sustainability issues that may impact current and future mission needs.

Terry worked at Marine Corps Installation West (MCIWEST)/G3 as the range & airspace encroachment and sustainment manager for all Marine Corps ranges and Special Use Airspace in the west.  As the manager, he worked all sustainment issues from alternative energy development to airspace encroachment for general aviation.  He was a member of the 29 Palms land expansion project coordinating all airspace proposals with the FAA and local aviation groups.  He established a flight safety group between Cal-Fire and the DoD to review safety procedures around wildland fires.  Terry also chaired airspace groups within the region and acted as the MCIWEST aviation single point of contact for all airport managers within the region.  When it came to issues concerning Marine Corps aviation, he represented MCIWEST at alternative energy meetings at the local, state and federal level.