Sue Byrd


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As an on-call technical editor for Marstel-Day, Ms. Byrd is responsible for editing, formatting, compilation, and document control of major environmental and technical documents. Many documents require multiple volumes and coordinating input from many different authors. She tracks and coordinates client and team changes, develops comment and response tables, and maintains configuration management of documents.

Ms. Byrd specializes in environmental documents that include; Reports to Congress, Congressional Fact Sheets, system-wide operating manuals, project and program implementation reports, environmental impact statements, biological and environmental assessments, adaptive management reports, project management plans, sea level rise reports, climate change reports, independent and peer reviews, and guidance memorandum. Many documents include sections on threatened and endangered species, water management, ecosystem restoration, and adaptive management. Ms. Byrd develops document templates and cover pages.

Ms. Byrd is very experienced in Federal Energy Regulation Commission documents relating to dams, powerhouses and spillways. She edits and formats pre-application documents for re-licensing of dams; spillway and fishway enhancement reports; supporting design reports among the many other documents related to dam re-licensing; decommissioning and maintenance.

Prior to Marstel-Day, Ms. Byrd served as technical editor for a large environmental joint venture project. In addition to serving as technical editor, she also served as administrative and executive support for the program manager. This support included presentation preparation, writing and preparing executive meeting summaries, and editing and formatting program documents and proposals.