Stephanie Ware

Technical Editor

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Stephanie Ware is an on-call technical editor with Marstel-Day, assigned to ensure the utmost quality, coherence, and clarity of reports delivered to Marstel-Day clients throughout a project.
Previously, she was the copy editor for a quarterly magazine for eight years. A bilingual speaker of English and French, she has sought to use her language skills over the years as a teacher, translation proofreader, editor working with graduate students, writing consultant for students in software development, author of published articles, language tutor, Special Forces language instructor, and English-as-a-Second-Language volunteer.

She has a BA in English from Houghton College and an MA in English from North Carolina State University. She holds teaching licenses in English and French from the state of New York, as well as a real estate license in Virginia. She was raised in France by American parents in a large city continuously inhabited since its founding two and a half millennia ago.