Saurabh Kapoor

Saurabh Kapoor is the founder and Managing Director of Tower Strategy Group, a Washington, DC-based management consultancy that helps organizations grow revenue, better engage their customers / stakeholders and improve their operations to be more efficient, productive and nimble. As a change agent, Tower Strategy Group solves the most pressing issues on its clients’ agendas, from helping them understand and step into uncharted territory to defining actionable plans to resuscitate underperforming brands and divisions. Tower Strategy engagements are predicated on the belief that success is as much about defining where to play and how to win as it is about people, processes and culture. And it is differentiated in that its engagements provide a 360 degree view into client ecosystems, helping them make decisions based on not only their own perspectives, knowledge and experiences but also the wisdom of the market (e.g., benchmarking-based best practices employed by their peers and analogous organizations).

During his leadership at Tower Strategy, Saurabh’s experience has touched on a range of environmental and sustainability-related issues – from supporting technology innovation work related to remediating waste water and contamination sites along the US fracking footprint to developing global market entry strategies for sustainable food packaging materials to defining how to move the US HVAC market to higher efficiency standards.

Saurabh possesses over 20 years of strategy consulting experience. He previously held leadership roles in the strategy practices at several other consulting firms, including as a Vice President and Senior Vice President at two global strategy consultancies. He has also spent time on client-side as a senior member of the Corporate Strategy and Business Intelligence team at Choice Hotels International, a franchisor of over 6,000 hotel properties across 10 brands. In that capacity, he led the company’s annual strategic planning function in support of the senior leadership team and Board as well as a range of ad hoc special projects. In addition, Saurabh previously served as graduate level faculty at Georgetown University where, for 6 years, he taught courses on strategic planning, global expansion and marketing strategy.

Over his career, he has worked for a wide range of the world’s premier private sector corporations, government entities and NGOs. Major clients have included Pfizer, The Coca-Cola Company, P&G, Carlyle Group, Citigroup, Sony, and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Saurabh holds an MBA with a Concentration in Strategy from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Biology from the University of Virginia.