Rebecca R. Rubin

Senior Executive Consultant

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Ms. Rubin currently serves an executive consultant to Marstel-Day, having founded the company in 2002 to provide expertise to public and private sector organizations in the interrelated areas of climate, habitat, open space, water, resilient infrastructure/public-private partnerships and investment strategies, energy, land use and other natural resource conservation issues. Prior to founding Marstel-Day, she served as director of the Army’s Environmental Policy Institute, after leading a variety of environmental studies and analyses at the not-for-profit Institute for Defense Analyses.

She was named by President Obama as a White House Champion of Change for Community Resilience and received the 2018 B’nai B’rith Humanitarian Award for her work in environmental resiliency, as did Congressman Eliot Engel and Ambassador Richard Schifter in their respective fields. She serves on the non-profit boards of The Nature Conservancy of Virginia and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, and also as a General Board member of Virginia Forever, which advocates for increased funding for water quality improvements and land conservation across the Commonwealth. She also previously served as board chair (2015-2019) of the National Wildlife Refuge Association, which works to protect the 850+ million acres of America’s wildlife heritage in the Refuge System, and on Virginia’s State Air Pollution Control Board (2014-2018) by appointment of the Governor.

Her articles have appeared in Roll Call, The Washington Post, Virginia Mercury, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Freelance Star, LiveBetter magazine, and other newspapers and periodicals. She has been interviewed by leading environmental publications and websites, including Environmental Business International and She launched Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign and hosted the Vital Voices of the Environment interview series featuring environmental thought leaders. She is a participant in and co-author of National Academy of Sciences studies, including the 2017 Review of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.

Ms. Rubin has a BA in history from Harvard College and an MA in international security from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.