Michael Jeu

Archaeology Field Technician

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Mr. Jeu is an archaeologist from Memphis, Tennessee. He was an intern for C. H. Nash Chucalissa Archaeology Museum, accessioning prehistoric and historic artifacts. He has four years of experience in cultural resource management working with various companies across the United States. Through his contract archaeology work, Mr. Jeu has experience using a compass, digging shovel tests, opening units, mapping, photographing sites and artifacts, and using a GPS Trimble throughout Phase I and Phase II surveys. He also has experience uncovering prehistoric and historic artifacts; flint-knapping, preparing, and handling chert samples; and conducting lithic analysis and stone tools studies.

Mr. Jeu has a BA degree in anthropology, and a BS in earth sciences, focused in geoarchaeology, with a minor in Chinese language studies, from University of Memphis. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in anthropology and applied archaeology at Eastern New Mexico University. Mr. Jeu’s has experience working with lithics, fauna remains, and GIS.