Kristie Baynard

Senior Architectural Historian

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Ms. Baynard brings more than 19 years of experience in the field of cultural resource management and historic preservation practices to Marstel-Day. She serves as a project lead and as a cultural resources expert for various government clients to assist with their compliance to the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Ms. Baynard participates on a senior level as well as a lead researcher for architectural surveys, historical research and context development, and consultation documents. She also supports the cultural resource program at Marstel-Day with assistance to clients with climate change initiatives specifically in cultural resource planning documents.

Prior to working at Marstel-Day, Ms. Baynard has served as a consultant on various architectural history projects for non-profit and private clients. One of her accomplishments was completing a National Historic Landmark application for the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, Maryland. Ms. Baynard also served as an architectural historian as part of the cultural resources team at the Louis Berger Group in Washington, DC working on compliance projects across the United States. She conducted surveys and research for a variety of federal, state, and local agencies undertaken in accordance with Sections 106 and 110 of the NHPA and the NEPA. These included large and small-scale reconnaissance surveys, investigations of cultural landscapes, rural historic districts, National Register eligibility evaluations, Environmental Assessments, and HABS-level documentation and measured drawings under mitigation requirements. Ms. Baynard also has extensive experience in preparing National Register nominations while employed at EHT Traceries in Washington, DC and as a partner in the firm, Arcadia Preservation located in Keswick, Virginia. While at EHT Traceries, Ms. Baynard was the project lead for an African-American communities’ research project, which she later presented her findings at the 2004 Vernacular Architecture Forum annual meeting.

Ms. Baynard earned a BA in Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College with a concentration in art history and materials conservation. She graduated with an MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia University in the City of New York with a concentration on architectural history. Ms. Baynard presented her graduate thesis at the 2001 Vernacular Architecture Forum annual meeting.