Kathe Theisen

AP/AR and Human Resources Manager

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Ms. Theisen serves as the AP/AR and HR manager at Marstel-Day whereby she supports the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel with the administration and management of all finance and Human Resources.

Ms. Theisen has more than 20 years of detailed experience in government contracting, bookkeeping, and office management support. She is proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher, as well as Adobe Acrobat, ADP Payroll and WorforceNow Software, Photosuite, Unanet Financials and QuickBooks Pro. Among her skill sets, Ms. Theisen has administered functions related to human resources, including employee payroll, health, dental, contribution plans, and long- and short-term disability insurance policies. She has received several awards for outstanding performance, professionalism, and client service.