John Preyer

Graphic Design Technician

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As a native of Memphis, TN with a B.F.A. in communications and concentration in graphic design from the University of Memphis, my passion has always been to connect people with collaborative communication, innovative technological solutions, and personalized customer service. Reflecting on my childhood, I was a habitual daydreamer and sketched in my notepad not realizing that I was planting the seeds for my passion in creativity. I began as a consultant in 2009 under my name (John Preyer Designs) and along the way, the world of healthcare and communications went hand and hand with my overall approach that centers on effective communication. Delta Vacations, Cabins for You, St. Jude, the University of Tennessee Allied Health Science Center, the CDC Laboratory Training Team and most recently the CDC BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Surveillance System) can attest to my ideologies in delivering brands with purpose and developing websites in style. Development and being a creative consultant is my passion and one thing that I have learned is that sometimes, “it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”