Henri Bisson

Mr. Henri Bisson is Marstel-Day’s lead for Renewable Energy Permitting and Development Services. Before his retirement in 2009, Mr. Bisson served 34 years as a career employee of the BLM. He began his career as a forester in Redding, California in 1974. He went on to serve in increasingly more responsible positions in Grand Junction and Montrose, Colorado; Washington, DC; Phoenix, Arizona and Riverside, California as District Manager; Washington, DC as Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning; Anchorage, Alaska as BLM State Director; and, finally as BLM’s Deputy Director for Operations in Washington, DC from 2006 until retirement. For most of the last two years of his career, he also served as Acting Senior Advisor for Alaska Affairs for Secretary of Interior. Bisson received numerous leadership awards throughout his career, including two Meritorious Presidential Rank awards and several Secretarial Executive Leadership Awards.

His broad experience and knowledge span virtually all programs of the BLM. He has testified before Congress and is well known both on the Hill and in the Halls of the Department of Interior. Mr. Bisson has a long history of project and program management leadership, from the completion of many BLM Resource Management Plans; renewal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Right-of-way; completion of EIS’s for major rights-of-way in Colorado, Arizona and California; large mine permitting; negotiation for expansion of the Army’s National Training Center at Ft Irwin; and, the management of many natural resource programs, to his heavy engagement in the development of BLM renewable and non-renewable energy leasing and development policy and programs.