Elizabeth Kizior

Cultural Resources Archaeology Field Tech

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Ms. Kizior is an on-call cultural resources technician for Marstel-Day whose work focuses on projects that involve archaeological field work to preserve recovered cultural material and to ensure that no important prehistoric or historic site is damaged. She has experience working on several cultural resources projects in the Midwest, most of which were Phase I archaeology projects that entailed shovel test probes within the survey boundaries and artifact recovery. For some of these projects, she conducted artifact washing and analysis to assist with the final report of the survey.

Ms. Kizior also completed Phase II and III projects on prehistoric sites in Vermont and Indiana, which required conducting intense excavation (test units, features) to complete the survey and recover any cultural material. With Marstel-Day, Ms. Kizior has assisted with Phase I cultural survey work in Colorado and California.

Ms. Kizior has a BA in anthropology and an MA in historical anthropology from Illinois State University. As an undergraduate, she participated in a field school on a historic tavern in Missouri, which peaked her interest in archaeology and led to her graduate work in this area. The focus of her thesis was ceramic functional use over time, from contact period to the nineteenth century, at a site called “Caluco” in El Salvador, and the ethnic identities of the people who used them.