Patrick "Don" Noonan


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Mr. Noonan has served as a Marstel-Day project leader and subject matter expert for encroachment and aviation-related issues. His projects included the Air Force Community Partnership Program as a lead facilitator, Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plans (ICEMAPs) and Marine Corps Program projects. These projects address environmental challenges, with recommended solutions involving conservation partnering; habitat preservation; permanent preservation of undeveloped land as a buffer or for habitat through the Department of Defense Readiness and Environment Protection Initiative; low impact design; green infrastructure planning; and/or implementation of night skies and smart growth initiatives. Other challenges include sea level rise, severe/prolonged weather events, drought, and additional climate change issues that require innovative climate adaptation plans and sustainability strategies. Mr. Noonan served as a project leader for the prototype ICEMAPs produced at Buckley Air Force Base (AFB), CO, and Patrick AFB, FL. These prototypes became the foundation for the ICEMAPs currently produced throughout the Air Force.

Mr. Noonan also works as a pilot for the largest private aircraft company in the world. For the past 12 years he has been flying corporate aircraft domestically and internationally into airports of all sizes and levels of sophistication, giving him unique insight into trends in the aviation profession. Prior to joining Marstel-Day, Mr. Noonan served more than 26 years as a Marine Corps officer, exercising sound business, technical, and tactical judgment in the positions of executive manager, department head, and program manager. He has extensive experience in leadership roles developing new DOD programs, including strategic planning, resource management, and aircraft acquisition. Mr. Noonan has served worldwide at all levels of military aviation operations, from squadron to headquarters. Primarily an F/A-18 pilot, he possesses a unique blend of operational (carrier and land-based) aviation experience, headquarters and staff savvy, and experience in the hands-on implementation of an installation encroachment control program. He pioneered the first Community Plans and Liaison Office at Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, SC, implementing a successful communications and engagement strategy that identified and engaged all stakeholders (internal, business, civilian, local/regional government, and higher headquarters) to facilitate an encroachment control plan that used all available tools to ensure mission sustainment in the face of unprecedented regional growth. The program became the early model for the Marine Corps and DOD, and led to Mr. Noonan’s roles as a featured speaker at installation and range sustainment conferences.

Mr. Noonan received his BA in English from The Citadel. He is an Air War College graduate, certified facilitator, and designated air combat tactics instructor.