Alexander DeVries

Cultural Resources Archaeology Field Tech

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Mr. DeVries is an archaeologist who serves in the field for Marstel-Day. He assists with coordinating field personnel on projects. He has nine years of experience in cultural resource management in the sectors of government, transportation, and energy. His experience includes the execution of fieldwork, management, and document preparation. He has experience with prehistoric and historic in both urban and rural settings.

Before joining Marstel-Day, Mr. DeVries was a crew chief and field technician for various companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as well as in California and Alaska. His experience also includes work on environmental inspection of water resources and cultural resources to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act and section 106 of the National Historical Preservation Act.
Mr. DeVries has a BA in anthropology from Temple University. As an undergraduate student, he attended a field school through Temple University of the Driftstone site in Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania.