OMG Highlights

OMG-crop“Anybody can make a difference. If we can, you can too.” Carter and Olivia Ries of OMG (One More Generation) conveyed this message to over 1,200 community members ranging from kindergartners to seniors in high school, as well as professionals. They provided their program on April 15th as part of Marstel-Day’s #StandwithWildlife campaign.

Carter and Olivia started One More Generation (OMG) in 2009, when they were eight and seven-years-old, respectively, to “ensure the wellbeing of our planet for at least One More Generation . . . and beyond.” Their visits at our company’s headquarters and to our local elementary and high schools, they discussed the disastrous impact of plastic pollution on the environment and how students can change their own habits in order to help preserve habitat and wildlife for at least one more generation. Their programs with us generated interest on the National Geographic Education blog, which you can read about here.

Click here to watch our #StandWithWildlife campaign videos and presentations on conservation topics that include the illegal wildlife trade, plastics polluting the oceans, and reconnecting children with nature.

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