New “Rapid Solutions” Diagnostic Service Launched by Marstel-Day

October 27, 2014 – International environmental consulting firm Marstel-Day is pleased to announce the official launch of its new “Rapid Solutions Team” (RST) service, which enables companies, nonprofits and government agencies to gain new insight into the most effective solutions to environment and energy-related challenges in a short timeframe. The launch is being announced at the Verge conference in San Francisco, California, which is produced by the Greenbiz Group.

Marstel-Day’s new RST program is a diagnostic tool that generates innovative solutions, analysis and insights, by thinking differently about a pressing challenge, leveraging the firm’s award-winning holistic approach to problem solving and multidisciplinary team with in-depth experience. The RST is especially useful for specific pressing issues that “popped” up and/or need answers quickly.

The RST’s recommendations are viable, relevant and realistic, and can be applied to any land use, water, climate or energy-related issue. Marstel-Day’s holistic approach works exceptionally well, in part because they identify unique interconnections and ask the most salient questions.

“Because we all rely on our natural and built infrastructures so much, we find that our clients are wrestling more often with urgent issues that intersect with the environment, from climate and water risk to land use issues. SuperStorm Sandy and the spike in natural disasters have been a big wake-up call.” explained Rebecca Rubin, President and CEO of Marstel-Day. “More frequently, clients need a fast analysis and diagnosis with viable, strategic and superior solutions. So our talented team developed the Rapid Solutions Team service to meet that demand.”

For example, in one RST project, Marstel-Day analyzed 24 counties and 12 cities, and identified the five greatest risk factors to industry from coastal vulnerabilities, and the five greatest industries at risk. These vulnerabilities could cost the regional economy billions of dollars. Marstel-Day’s analysis answered major strategic questions and identified opportunities for the client and their community.

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