National Award for Private Sector Leader of the Year

Rebecca Rubin was awarded the 2008 Private Sector Leader of the Year Award on August 11, by the Association of Defense Communities (ADC). This award recognizes an individual from the private sector whose achievements have helped to further the goals of defense communities.

This year’s winner is singularly responsible for creating a property disposal tool that has helped to speed the transfer of tens of thousands of acres of valuable, natural habitat that is surplus to the military’s needs. Her path-breaking work provided the foundation for Congress in 2002 to authorize conservation conveyances, allowing the military to transfer property with significant natural resources to state or local agencies, or to nonprofit conservation organizations. At the time, the services frequently had trouble finding willing recipients for such property because it lacked the potential to generate income and, in many cases, was contaminated.

Since conservation conveyances were enacted, the Army has transferred more than 66,000 acres of land at Sierra Army Depot in California and Camp Bonneville in Washington to nonprofit conservators, making the tool the second largest property disposal authority under BRAC. As founder, president and managing partner of Marstel-Day, this individual has helped public and nonprofit conservation organizations take advantage of the new authority, and supported active and closing installations in buffering planning and BRAC implementation.

The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) is the nation’s premier membership organization serving America’s defense communities. With 1,200 members nationwide, ADC is the voice for communities and states with a significant military presence. ADC unites the diverse interests of communities, state governments, the private sector and the military on issues of base closure and realignment, community military partnerships, defense real estate, mission growth, mission sustainment, military privatization, and base redevelopment.