Vital Voices of the Environment

Carter and Olivia Ries

One More Generation Carter and Olivia Ries founded One More Generation when they were 9 and 7 years old. The non-profit OMG educates children and adults about animal conservation and environmental education, and promotes youth empowerment. Video

Dr. Mark Dunning

Dr. Mark Dunning In this interview, American Water Resources President, Dr. Mark Dunning explains how extreme weather events, sea level rise and water shortages are all part of the 'New Normal' brought to us by climate change. Video

Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond Drumming Rich Redmond, renowned touring and session percussionist, talks about sustainability in the music industry. Conducted at Nashville's House of Blues, the interview includes great clips of Rich's drumming and offers insights into how drum kit manufacturers are achieving high levels of sustainability. Video

Kathleen Rogers

Kathleen talks about the origins of Earth Day, their role as the world's biggest environmental recruiter, and what you can do make a difference for the planet! Video

Chris Jordan

Albatrosses are "dying by the tens of thousands," says artist and filmmaker, Chris Jordan. As part of Marstel-Day's ongoing series, Vital Voices of the Environment with Rebecca R. Rubin, Jordan explains how the explosive profusion of plastic trash in our oceans is killing vast numbers of Laysan Albatrosses that mistake lighters, bottle caps and other refuse for food. Video

Jeremy Jones

JeremyJones Extreme snowboarder Jeremy Jones explains how our winter playgrounds are under siege - that shrinking glaciers and reduced snow are yet another casualty of climate change, and that without action the future is grim not only for recreationalists, but for businesses and downstream water users. Video

John Englander

JohnEnglander "50 Feet of Sea Level Rise Already Baked-In" - Rebecca R. Rubin Interviews High Tide on Main Street Author and Oceanographer, John Englander Video

The Hon. Lynn Scarlett

LynnScarlett Former Deputy Secretary of Interior Lynn Scarlett celebrates the hard-won successes of cooperative conservation efforts led by the Department of Interior, citizen groups and non-governmental organizations to preserve vital water, forest and other natural resources at a landscape scale. Audio and Video

The Hon. Barbara Lee

BarbaraLeeSmall Congresswoman Barbara Lee discusses her own connectedness with environmental injustices, and the importance of accessing harder-to-reach groups such as communities of color and women, especially on issues of climate change and climate adaptation. Audio and Video

The Hon. Sherri Goodman

SherriGoodman Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental Security) Sherri Goodman speaks on The Environment and the Effects of Climate Change. Video

James Fahn

JamesFahn Executive Director of Internews' Earth Journalism Network, On the Importance of Environmental Journalism for Developing Nations. Media coverage of climate change lags behind in the countries where it matters most, reports James Fahn.Article on Video

John Tippett

JohnTippett Executive Director of Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR), Talks About Unique Challenges and Successes in the Rappahannock River Region. Audio and Video

Will Travis

WillTravis Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), Talks About the Future of the San Francisco Bay as it Confronts the Effects of Climate Change. Audio

Mike Gage

MikeGage President and CEO of the Conservation, Restoration and Renewal Team (CRRT), Speaks on Key Considerations for the Future of Transportation. Audio

Robert L. Hirsch

RobertHirsch Energy Expert Dr. Robert Hirsch Speaks on World Oil Peaking. Video