Marstel-Day Wins the 2009 Environmental Business Journal Business Achievement Award Consulting And Environmental Firms, New Practice Areas

The Environmental Business Journal honors Marstel-Day, LLC with the 2009 EBJ Business Achievement award “Consulting And Environmental Firms, New Practice Areas”, for forming a strategic partnership and launching a new, joint-practice area that directly supports policymakers, planners, and operators who have to address the challenges posed by severe environmental, energy, and climate dynamics.

Marstel-Day undertook their initiative in global environmental monitoring and intelligence (GEMI) in response to the emerging consensus that national security leaders must incorporate information regarding these issues into their strategic and operational planning. While focused initially on the intersection between national security and environmental issues, GEMI is available to broadly support policy, planning, and operational efforts across economic, diplomatic, aid, and other dimensions. According to the partners, GEMI offers a global presence of over 2,000 experts with in-country, on-the-ground perspectives; existing information sharing channels; in-depth environmental/technical/national security expertise; deep understanding of information needs for planners and policymakers; and, strong scenario development/analysis capabilities.

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