Marstel-Day Wins Spotlight Award for Bringing Positive Attention to Fredericksburg Region

Marstel-Day wins the Fredericksburg Regional Technology Council (FredTech) “Spotlight Award” for bringing significant positive attention to the Fredericksburg region. The Fredericksburg Regional Technology Council, “FredTech,” an affiliate of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, supports, enhances, educates, and attracts technology businesses to the region.

The award is given to the company who has brought the “most significant positive attention to the region, as evidenced by media coverage, business and/or academic interest and public awareness,” according to the Fredericksburg Chamber.

“At Marstel-Day, we know there is a close relationship between technology and ecology,” Marstel-Day President Rebecca Rubin said. “Technology can be used to support not only the greening of businesses but also can help people become more in touch with how commercial business processes and systems-the increased use of virtual communications, for instance-can positively affect the planet as a whole.”

In its award application, Marstel-Day stressed that it had garnered business and media attention not only for the region but also for environmental issues and green ethics as a whole.

Previous Marstel-Day awards include the 2010 Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award emphasizing green ethics and commitment to areas of high unemployment and low income (viewable on the and a ) as well as the environmental business Marstel-Day has received every year for the past seven years from Environmental Business International.

The honor was one of three major awards bestowed at the FredTech Awards Banquet on June 7 to “recognize and honor individuals and organizations for their noteworthy contributions to the community involving achievements in entrepreneurship, innovation or application of technology,” according to the Fredericksburg Chamber.

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce congratulated its winners here.

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