Marstel-Day Wins Major Contract Award

FREDERICKSBURG, VA—Marstel-Day, the Fredericksburg, Virginia-based environmental and conservation consulting firm, today announced receipt of a significant new contract with the Mobile District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The contract will provide Marstel-Day access to $99 million in contract capacity for its environmental, land-use planning, conservation, planning and strategic planning services in support of its multiple clients in the federal sector.

Marstel-Day’s contract is one of a small number of awards issued for the Regional Environmental Acquisition Tool (REAT) small business competition. Marstel-Day was one of three firms selected for award in Pool A (planning services) and a like number were selected in two other pools.  Rebecca R. Rubin, Marstel-Day’s, President and CEO, said “Winning one of the Small Business REAT contract awards with their access to the $99 million capacity pool is huge for us. The contract functions like a single award task order contract, and will allow us to bring work to the contract from a variety of federal clients. We had expected this award to occur midway through 2015, and are very pleased to have it finally through contracting and awarded.

Although Marstel-Day became “large” in its primary NAICS code this January, under federal contracting rules it is entitled to continue to hold and use this small business award.

Ms. Rubin noted that Marstel-Day was also apprised in December as well that it had been selected for negotiations of a similar, but larger, $250M contract in the Unrestricted (i.e., large business) REAT competition. While negotiations, contracting and award will be many months in the processing, Ms. Rubin said “we look forward to ultimately receiving this contract award, which will give our Company access to an additional $250 million in contracting capacity, of course shared with other firms.” Both of these awards are a real testament to our bids and proposal team, and to our teaming partners who joined us for these competitions.”