Marstel-Day Wins Environmental Business Journal Gold Medal for Business Growth

Marstel-Day receives Environmental Business Journal gold medal for “Business Growth” for achieving nearly 40% growth in revenue during 2013, opening three new offices, adding multiple new clients. Revenue totaled $17 million in 2013, reflecting 97% growth from $8.6 million in 2010 revenue. New clients for Marstel-Day included, among others, the U.S. Coast Guard (providing NEPA policy support to the regulatory branch); the Army Regional Environmental and Energy Office (providing on-site support in the DOD regional environmental coordinators offices managed by the Army; the Veterans Administration (supporting VA NEPA studies); the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (to study issues associated with the siting of renewable energy developments); and, the Army Chief of Staff for Installation Management (managing the Army’s energy and water use reporting system). During 2013, the firm’s staff grew by 25%, up from 100 at the beginning of the year to 125 at year’s end. In 2013, Marstel-Day opened new office locations in Annapolis, Colorado Springs, and San Antonio, a 50% increase in cities in which the company has an office presence.