Marstel-Day Wins Alliance for Workplace Excellence EcoLeadership Award for Fifth Year in a Row

AWE 2016 EcoLeadership Award LogoFredericksburg, Va. (May 4, 2016) – Environmental consulting firm, Marstel-Day LLC, was one of only 24 companies awarded the 2016 Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) EcoLeadership Award for its commitment to creating and maintaining a sustainable workplace. As a five-time winner of the award, Marstel-Day continuously demonstrates its leadership and outstanding commitment to an environmentally sustainable workplace. Award applicants undergo a thorough evaluation process by an independent review panel comprised of academic and business professionals. Among the practices being evaluated were waste minimization, energy efficiency, water conservation, pollution prevention, environmentally conscious travel, and community and client outreach.

This year’s luncheon and award ceremony will be held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel. Prior to the luncheon, facilitators from winning companies, including Marstel-Day, will participate in roundtable sessions on trends in workplace excellence. As a sustainable service provider, Marstel-Day will participate in the panel discussions on moving other workplaces toward a sustainable workplace culture.

Some of the key sustainability initiatives that Marstel-Day employs to maintain our deep green commitment are green procurement, waste reduction through material reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting, and developing a company-wide climate change adaptation plan. According to company President and CEO, Rebecca R. Rubin, “These initiatives are a natural outgrowth of the tremendous work that has been done by our Green Vision Council. This employee-led group constantly looks for new ways to promote workplace sustainability in ways that can be shared within our broader communities.”

Marstel-Day is a top-tier environmental consulting firm that provides expertise to public and private sector organizations in the areas of climate change, habitat, open space, water, energy, land use and natural resource conservation issues.

AWE is a non-profit organization that has been recognizing companies in the Washington, DC metro area for 17 years. They are dedicated to recognize these companies as the “best places to work” so this metro area can be nationally recognized as an excellent place to live and work.