Marstel-Day Receives Environmental Business Journal Award for “New Practice Area”

Marstel-Day receives EBJ award for “New Practice Area” for its initiation of a practice supporting the Air Force in developing policy for and implementing a newly established legislative authority. This new authority allows government services to develop partnerships between installations and surrounding communities. Marstel-Day supported the Air Force in bringing this collaborative process to nine installations, which brought together leaders of businesses, civic associations, government, environmental organizations, the military, and other stakeholders to explore the possibilities for cost savings and mutual benefits, many of which also have environmental benefits such as energy and water use reduction. Many ideas emerged in each of the individual communities, and community-installation committees developed these ideas through a series of meetings into a workable list of “can do” items in the near term. Examples of successes in the first year include combining recycling programs, sharing waste-management facilities and operations, sharing recreation, healthcare, and other functions, and providing for shared community/airmen training.