Marstel-Day Receives 2019 AWE EcoLeadership Award

Marstel-Day, LLC has received the 2019 EcoLeadership award from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) for its social contributions and natural resource management achievements, specifically recognizing the company’s annual eco-partnership forums featuring guest speakers.

The 2019 AWE awards were presented at a special ceremony and luncheon held in Gaithersburg, MD on June 7, 2019. This year’s event theme was “The Road to Excellence is Paved with Positive Engagement” with guest speakers Julie Ann Sullivan, a business culture expert and author, as well as Jessob Reisbeck from Good Morning Washington. Seventeen employers received the EcoLeadership award and a total of 44 employers were recognized with one or more 2019 AWE award(s). AWE, a nonprofit organization, recognizes leaders in all aspects of an excellent workplace through a recognition program, consulting and education, and community awareness.