Marstel-Day honored with the 2008 Project Merit Award in Environmental Media for Vital Voices of the Environment


In October-December of 2008, EBJ solicited the environmental industry via email, website and word-of-mouth for nominations for the EBJ Business Achievement Awards. Nominations were accepted in 200-word essays in either specific or unspecified categories. Categories or size designations may be altered depending on the volume of nominations or of the number of worthy recipients. Final awards were determined by a committee of EBJ staff and EBJ editorial advisory board members. The 2008 EBJ awards will be presented in a special ceremony at EBJ’s Environmental Industry Summit VII in Coronado, Calif. on the evening of February 18, 2009. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day event hosted by EBJ. Congratulations to the 2008 winners and EBJ encourages all interested companies to participate next year. (Disclaimer: Company audits were not conducted to verify information or claims submitted with nominations.)


Marstel-Day, LLC for launching a new audio program on its web site ( titled “Vital Voices of the Environment.” This innovative series features interviews conducted by company President and CEO Rebecca Rubin with critical environmental thinkers and planners of our time, each of whom offers a perspective on a key issue affecting the future of our planet. These interviews span topics ranging from global climate change to localized environmental challenges, and they offer a diverse set of informed opinions, allowing listeners to assess for themselves the shape and magnitude of our environmental challenges. Marstel-Day plans to add new “voices” to the series every few weeks, and it currently features experts on such topics as the environment and the impacts of rising global temperatures; the future of the San Francisco Bay area as it confronts climate change; the importance of environmental journalism for developing nations; key considerations for the future of transportation; the global “peak oil” debate; and unique challenges and successes in the Rappahannock River region.