Marstel-Day Environmental Consulting Receives “AWE” Eco-Leadership Award

Marstel-Day Environmental Consulting was awarded in June, 2012 an Ecoleadership Award by The Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE). The award recognizes companies for their role as a visionary employer paving the way for an environmentally sustainable workplace. Marstel-Day was one of only 28 companies to receive recognition as an EcoLeader.

The Award Luncheon was hosted at the Bethesda, MD North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, and Marstel-Day employees Amanda Boccuti and Kaley Huston were on hand to receive the recognition. Ms. Boccuti and Ms. Huston noted that the event was a “…great opportunity to spend time with other, ecologically-minded companies achieving accolades in environmental leadership and wellness initiatives, as well as to represent Marstel-Day for its environmental achievements.”

An independent review panel of academics and business professionals subjected Marstel-Day to a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process. The company demonstrated conclusively its commitment to environmental sustainability by minimizing waste and reducing its impact in all business and production processes, by conserving water through the reduction and re-use of water resources, and by preventing pollution through the elimination of toxic and hazardous substances and its use of environmentally conscious products. Other key, deciding factors in the assessment included reducing and offsetting travel-related emissions and reducing energy use via alternative energies and carbon offsets.

“We are so proud of our employees for these achievements, and for their commitment to ecological principles” said Marstel-Day President and CEO, Rebecca R. Rubin. Rubin also noted that the company’s employee-led Green Vision Council constantly strives to find ways to keep Marstel-Day as green as possible.

A panel on diversity and inclusion in the workplace kicked off the event. During the panel, topics such as CEO engagement; recruitment and retention; employee communication; corporate philanthropy; supplier diversity; and diversity in products were discussed. HR leadership and diversity board chairs within a variety of companies led the panel.

The Alliance for Workplace Excellence is a 501©3 nonprofit organization founded by Montgomery County, Maryland, and Discovery Communications, Inc., to provide a portfolio of services that allow employers to build excellent places to work.