Marstel-Day Develops “Green Traveler” App

Marstel-Day Environmental consulting developed the GreenTraveler iPhone app to help business travelers and others stay green while on the road.

Because sustainable travel can be a challenge even for those with a light eco-footprint, the Green Traveler iphone 8 app helps users be earth-friendly and keep track of their impact – using tips for planning trips, preparing homes for travel, and staying green while on the road.iph

Each tip comes with a measure of the energy, water, greenhouse gases, and waste saved.

The Green Traveler also has a trip calculator where users take a quick survey – the calculator adds up all the positive impacts calculates a green travel score for the trip.

The app stores all the trips and has a running record of how green you’ve been – try a friendly competition with a friend or business associate and see who can get their score as high as possible.

Download the iOS app at the iTunes store here: