Marstel-Day CEO Receives DOD Patriotic Employer Award

Marstel-Day Patriot Award 1Fredericksburg, VA (January 27, 2015) – Marstel-Day CEO and President Rebecca R. Rubin was recognized as a Department of Defense (DOD) Patriotic Employer for her support of employees in the National Guard and Military Reserves.

Rubin received the Patriotic Employer award at the Fredericksburg headquarters of the environmental consulting company during a Jan. 20 presentation by Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Virginia Area Chair Richard Ridge and Colonel Kathy Kahlson, who is vice wing commander of the 192nd Fighter Wing.

Marstel-Day policy provides paid leave of up to 10 days a year for drilling Guard and Reserve Members, and the Company has a strong record of employing military veterans and retirees, including individuals who have obligations as members of the Guard or Reserve.

Marstel-Day currently employs a staff of 148. Twenty four employees, or 16.2 percent of the staff, are military veterans.

Kahlson expressed gratitude that a small business would make such a strong commitment to employees in the military, and she applauded Rubin for her leadership.

Shannon L. Hicks, a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard and a senior analyst at Marstel-Day, nominated Rubin for the DOD award. Hicks voiced appreciation for her employer’s commitment to providing flexibility when she receives orders for training, saying “They go above and beyond the requirements by law. I recognize and appreciate what a gift this is for a small business to provide to active members of the Guard and Reserve, and they deserve to be recognized for their support.”

Rubin said, “I am deeply honored by this award and we are proud to do our part to support those who continue to serve the nation in uniform while they pursue their careers here at Marstel-Day.”

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