Marstel-Day CEO Rebecca Rubin Participates in National Academy of Science Study to Evaluate Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs)

a-review-of-the-landscape-conservation-cooperatives-thumbnailThe National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently published the results of a study which independently reviewed the purpose, goals and scientific merit of the Department of Interior’s Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Network five years after its establishment. Marstel-Day President and CEO Rebecca R. Rubin was one of 13 individuals selected to constitute the independent review committee and prepare the NAS report, which ultimately concluded “…that the nation needs to take a landscape approach to conservation and that the Department of Interior is justified in addressing this need with the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.” The committee further pointed out that “The landscape approach is particularly important where multiple jurisdictions are involved; where the threats to species, ecosystems and cultural resources occur at large scales; and where biological and geomorphic processes span across ecosystems.” The committee identified the ways in which LCC Network’s uniquely interactive design enables collaborative conservation to occur on a national scale; it also identified the need for an improved evaluation process that better captures LCC-driven conservation priorities and projects as well as new measurement tools, which will provide improved benefit analysis in the future. Notwithstanding the identified needs for improvement, the committee found that the LCCs made early progress regarding “conservation strategy, developing collaborative conservation, and advancing science for conservation.” Please read the report here for more information.