The Marstel–Day—Atkins Joint Venture
(JV) provides a powerhouse of expertise
across a range of resiliency services
from two well-established firms with
a long, proven history providing
infrastructure and environmental
sustainability services for federal and
civilian agencies.

Combining Resilient Infrastructure Design
With Innovative Asset Management
  • Architecture and engineering design
  • BUILDER SMS support
  • Civil works planning and design
  • Community partnering and facilitation
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance
  • Ecosystem services
  • Encroachment management
  • Environmental policy and planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Natural and cultural resource management
  • Water resiliency and management
  • Stakeholder identification and outreach
  • Strategic, installation, and master planning
  • Climate risk management
  • NEPA
  • Environmental assessments and impact statements
NAICS541620, 541320, 541330, 541370, 541611, 541690, 541720, 541990
Resilient Infrastructure Design and Asset Management

We offer climate risk screenings and analyses that can build a full profile of your geographic and organizational vulnerabilities, from coastal facilities threatened by sea-level rise to supply chains dependent on water availability in drought-prone regions. Additionally, our experience with the BUILDER Sustainment Management System can help federal agencies optimize their facility sustainment and investment strategies, including program implementation, web hosting, training, and facilities condition assessments.

Strategic Planning and Smart Growth

Our extensive experience preparing comprehensive installation planning for military and institutional facilities includes studies for all branches of the Department of Defense (DoD) and numerous federal agencies. Our plans are designed to maximize resources and existing assets to promote smart growth and better direct future development.

Climate Analysis and Emergency Management

We work with our clients to identify and address current and potential climate impacts, including from natural disasters. Our team of planners, facilitators, scientists, and technicians can provide your organization with an accurate assessment of your risks and help develop the tools needed to assist decision-makers and deliver trainings across your enterprise.

Stakeholder Engagement and Community Partnerships

We work collaboratively with our clients to provide comprehensive community partnership plans and stakeholder engagement strategies. Through expert facilitation practices we construct a strong, inclusive collaborative environment involving diverse groups of stakeholders.

Encroachment Management

Marstel-Day staff have prepared over 100 Installation Complex Encroachment Management Plans (ICEMAPs, REMAPs, ECPs) for the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps. These plans assist leadership and decision-makers in preventing encroachment challenges, reducing impacts on missions, and enhancing sustainment through training of installation and community personal on encroachment issues and on management frameworks, in addition to engaging internal and external stakeholders on promotion of compatible landuse partnerships.

Strategic Planning

Marstel-Day has deployed its Environmental War Gaming (EWG) methodology as an interactive simulation of events, strategies, policies, positions, and attitudes following a scenario played out by key stakeholders. We use EWG to bring together military, civic, industry, political, administrative, and nongovernment leaders and other diverse stakeholders, to assess and respond to disruptive change from previous planning paradigms.

BUILDER Support Services

The Marstel-Day–Atkins team is assisting the USACE Mobile District with their operation and planning goals by providing personnel, equipment, and services necessary to perform Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) utilizing the most current version of the BUILDER SMS application. Our team's BUILDER expertise will help USACE engineers, technicians, analysts, and managers determine how to best maintain building infrastructure and develop longterm sustainable infrastructure plans.

Emergency Management and Road-mapping

The Marstel-Day–Atkins team provided the U.S. Air Force with a proven and inclusive process for better engagment of stakeholders that focused on building stronger and more collaborative relationships. The resulting road-map identified several action pathways to guide emergency management program participation in the Air Force Community Partnerships initiative; tailored to mission operating procedures, security needs, and available resources that strengthened their capabilities and developed more sustainable outcomes.

Forces & Factors that Fracture – a COVID-19 Pandemic Response
FRI, 31 JUL 2020 12:00:00 -0400 ◦ 34 MINUTES

We’re living in a challenge in real time. Particularly from an evolutionary perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing immense change and disruption to every industry, not the least of which is the AEC industry. But is there a silver lining? We think so. It puts us out of our normal comfort zone to test ourselves with new technologies and new ways of doing things. Adapting to new ways of doing business. So, as you program, plan and implement your infrastructure projects, take advantage of this moment to drive innovation. Tune in. We have a lot to say.

J.R. Steele is with Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, an engineering, design and project management firm. He’s interested in helping our federal clients but really, all our clients. Rebecca Rubin is CEO of Marstel-Day, a leading natural resource and environmental consulting firm.

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