Marstel-Day Speaker: Use Smartphones to Interact with the Public Lands You’re Visiting

Discover Nature Apps (DNA) Co-Founder Evan Hirsche on Finding Nature Through Technology

Conservationist and entrepreneur Evan Hirsche presents at Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign event, March 19

Conservationist and entrepreneur Evan Hirsche presents at Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign event, March 19

Fredericksburg, VA (March 20, 2015) – Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign speaker series featured conservationist and entrepreneur Evan Hirsche and how his company, Discover Nature Apps (DNA), leverages smartphones to help people learn more about the wildlife and habitat they are seeing in the National Wildlife Refuges and Parks they are visiting. The public presentation was held at Marstel-Day’s Fredericksburg, VA headquarters. A link to the webcast is available here.

“There are about 930 million visitors per year to national parks, forests, refuges, and other public lands, and these folks are predisposed to wanting to know more. Yet, only about 2,000 staff people are available full-time to give them a comprehensive interpretive experience,” said Hirsche.

“The need has never been greater to engage the public with meaningful experiences on public lands given the unprecedented ecological threats, federal lands funding shortfalls, and a population that’s increasingly disconnected. Thanks to smartphones and their remarkable interactive functionalities, we have this incredible opportunity to connect exponentially more people with nature than we ever have before.”

Hirsche co-founded Discover Nature Apps with award-winning graphic designer Sam Serebin to reinvent how people experience and learn about the natural world. A 26-year veteran of wildlife conservation, Hirsche has led campaigns to advance high-profile policy initiatives including restoration of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling.  Hirsche currently serves on the Marstel-Day Advisory Council and the Association of Partners for Public Lands Board of Directors, and he is a past President of the National Wildlife Refuge Association.

Hirsche’s talk was the third hosted by Marstel-Day as part of its Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign, which CEO and President Rebecca R. Rubin created to highlight major wildlife conservation issues and present ways individuals and organizations can make a difference. In recognition of Hirsche’s presentation and the need to help reconnect people with nature, Marstel-Day made a donation to the Association of Partners for Public Lands, whose mission is “engaging the public in caring for our nation’s natural and cultural resources.”

Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign (WCAC) features monthly, consciousness-raising talks by leading conservationists who present in-depth analyses of particular wildlife conservation issues and how they affect the ecosystem. At each session, the speaker presents options for how the public and industry can help, and Rubin announces Marstel-Day’s commitment on that issue.

The public may register for these luncheon events by emailing, indicating the session of interest. Because space is limited, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Previous WCAC speeches included senior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official Brian Arroyo’s poignant and inspiring  talk on how illegal trade imperils species, and Dr. Mamie Parker’s insightful discussion of ways to help kids engage with nature, especially in urban environments. Watch these talks on video, and learn how to help, on the Marstel-Day website at