How To Contract With Us Through Our GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Multiple Award Schedule – Professional Services Category GS00F070CA

We are listed on SAM (System for Award Management) and can be readily accessed through our GSA schedule. Through our current contract vehicles, we can provide support to any Federal agency in the environmental services and management consulting areas. Please find our Prime Contracts Here: Prime Contracts. For more information on how to quickly access Marstel-Day’s services, please call: (571) 733-0974.

Marstel-Day GSA Contract Vehicles include:

GSA Multiple Award Schedule – Professional Services Category GS00F070CA:

Period of performance: March 16, 2015 – March 15, 2025


  • 541620: Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541370GIS: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
  • 541611: Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
  • 611430: Professional and Management Development Training

“Marstel-Day is well-known for their cost-efficient means under which they operate. Their bid proposals are submitted only after their well-researched efforts so that increases are avoided or minimized later on. Based on my experience, this practice is not shared by all contractors.”

GSA Advantage

Contracting with Marstel-Day

    • Go to the GSA website
    • In the box to the right of “Search” choose “Services”
    • Type in Marstel-Day into the search bar
    • Click “Go”.
    • Click the highlighted ‘Marstel-Day, LLC’ link.

Why Use the GSA Schedules?

  • Fast – Services purchased through the GSA Schedule can be acquired in under 30 days
  • Unlimited Order Size
  • Best Price – Prices reflect best competitive rates among federal clients
  • Direct Working Relationship with Vendor – Work directly with Marstel-Day, LLC

Preparing to Contract with Marstel-Day, LLC

“Marstel-Day went above the call of duty to meet our extremely aggressive project schedule. They also demonstrated great team spirit, a can-do attitude and flexibility.”

    • Establish your short- and long-term requirements
    • Discuss the requirements with your Marstel-Day representative
    • Prepare a statement of work (scope, schedule, and deliverables)
    • Seek your contracting office’s or officer’s acceptance of the work and establishment of the funding mechanism
    • Have your contracting office or officer submit to Marstel-Day and two additional GSA contractors a Request for Proposal. Other contractors may be found on the GSA website (
    • Have your contracting office or officer send the agreed-upon statement of work directly to Marstel-Day, using your agency’s approved GSA purchase order form
    • See our GSA Schedule Contract Price List
    • See our Labor Rate Descriptions