Facilitating Community Partnerships

Since 2015, Marstel-Day has piloted the Army and Marine Corps Community Partnership Program. A growing Marstel-Day team has supported eight Army and three Marine Corps bases in partnership development and will support an additional four Army and two Marine Corps bases in fiscal year 2017. Recent successful partnerships include environmental initiatives, economic development benefits, academic internships, among many others. Marstel-Day facilitated the development of these agreements at each base, including a partnership at Fort Buchanan with local medical centers to transition to paperless record keeping and increase patient record sharing with up to $300,000 a year in cost savings. Another partnership that was formed supports the military mission and community safety. Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is also reaping the benefits of participating in this program with 17 ongoing and completed agreements that resulted from the process.

These encouraging, beneficial, and cost effective partnerships maximize available resources through savings or cost avoidance, create efficiencies, maintain or improve services for soldiers and families, and strengthen relationships between installations and communities. Marstel-Day will continue assisting the military and community in uncovering their needs and capacities to build stronger relationships with local government, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals into 2017.