Company Conservation Highlights

NSF_LogoFor the fourth year in a row, the National Standards Foundation (NSF) certified Marstel-Day to the platinum level of NSF International’s P391, General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Services and Service Providers. NSF P391 audits 16 internal and external sustainability practices: legal and regulatory, energy monitoring, hiring and compensation, health and welfare, employee training, ethics, and contractor compliance. Marstel-Day is currently the only holder of the NSF platinum level of certification in the nation. Please see Marstel-Day’s NSF P391 case study here.
For the past six years, Marstel-Day has made an annual contribution to to offset what we cannot eliminate in terms of the firm’s annual carbon emissions from business air and personal vehicle travel and our office footprint across the United States. Our contribution has primarily been directed to small and medium scale reforestation projects throughout the United States such as reduced erosion and improvement in top soil quality, improved wildlife habitat, and water filtration and storage. The company offset 454 tonnes of CO2e in 2015; over 2,200 metric tonnes since 2010.