Water Demand Forecasting

Marstel-Day evaluated Fort Bragg’s ability to meet EO 13423, which specifies that Federal agencies are to reduce water consumption through life-cycle cost-effective measures by two percent per year over the period FY 2008–FY 2015, from a baseline of FY 2007 water consumption. We addressed the overall requirements for sustainable water management at Fort Bragg by developing a water demand forecasting model to project water demands at Fort Bragg, and by performing a water sustainability analysis comparing water demands from Fort Bragg and other water resources users with available supplies within the region. Marstel-Day also recommended that the installation institute additional sustainable water management practices to include: instituting water metering; establishing water use targets; applying information-only billing; enhancing water conservation outreach, education and award programs; promoting water-efficient landscaping practices; exploring the feasibility of gray-water return and rainwater harvesting; and assigning a lead sustainable water management coordinator.